Miraculous Polaroid photo taken of Jane Rinaldi on the Vigil grounds on April 2, 1994. It shows a golden rosary beaded pattern of light entering the heart of this person. This is probably symbolism for the many graces she is receiving for attending the Vigils. The rosary beads below her indicate all the prayers being said by the pilgrims gathered there and which are counted one by one by Heaven to hold back or mitigate the punishments to come


About 1978, a lady from Connecticut took a picture of Our Lady of the Roses Statue during the Rosary procession during a three hour prayer vigil at Bayside, New York. I personally happened to be one of the six men chosen to carry the Statue of Our Lady of the Roses and was in the picture. The lady who took the picture was an avid listener to the radio program but didn't know me at the time. When she had the picture developed it turned out to be miraculous. There was a pink and white wavy beam of light coming from Heaven over me. After finding out from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine who was in the picture she sent the picture and negative to me.


Photo taken at the vigil of February 10th, 1975. This photograph shows how Veronica received the Message from Heaven. Veronica heard Our Lady’s voice in her intellect. You can see, in the upper left-hand corner, a white-light source surrounded in blue: this represents Our Lady. The beam or shaft of light came to Veronica’s eyes and then to her brain. Veronica described what she saw, then repeated word for word the message of Our Lady and then of Our Lord. You will note in the same picture the woman standing beside Veronica is holding a microphone. This microphone is connected to a cassette-tape recorder. All was recorded on tape which was later transcribed, word for word (without any additions or deletions), and then this was printed up in message form and sent throughout the world


Veronica putting together a rose, rosary and a scapular for one of the bus leaders as requested by Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady has said, "Many arms will be sent to spread the message."


This is a photo of the sacred vigil grounds looking out over the crowd from the Vatican Pavilion site. It was taken with a Pentax 35-mm camera by Y.H. of Brooklyn, N.Y., on August 14, 1993, the Vigil of the Assumption. But what miraculously appears on the right is a translucent image of ST. MICHAEL (facing toward the reader), all aglow in a greenish Ent, the green being the symbolic color of this highest angel


One of the most outstanding miraculous photographs ever - taken a few hours before the Vigil on Nov 25, 1978. The late Tom Bachor of Little Neck, NY was taking a picture of John M. (foreground), approximately 70 yards from the site of the Vatican Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Park Queens NY (situated at the bottom of Our Lady's Mantle). Miraculously, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God appears on the photo dominating the sky above Her chosen Sacred Grounds. The fingers of Our Lord (top left) are pointing toward Our Lady, as if to say, 'behold your Mother!' Come and pray the Rosary at the Shrine Sacred Grounds for the Vigils on the Eve of the Feast Days and Sunday morning Holy Hours as Our Lady requested. This incredible photograph clearly shows Our Lady's true presence on Her Shrine Grounds. Also note the light bulb to the left of Her neck. Our Lady is the light of the world. Our Lady said, "My Rosary will be the light of the world." July 1, 1970. Our Heavenly Mother invites all Her children on earth to come pray the Rosary at the Shrine - an 'oasis of graces', for abundant graces of cures and conversions and blessings. "A 'center of atonement' - 'Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine." Oct 6, 1974.

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